Hello, this is me, Inger Carlsson, who is responsible about
the folkloredresses in
N. Alvsborg,
Dalsland and Gotaalvdalen
- totally 11 dresses. Avalible to those dresses are complete material and patterns as well as descriptions.

Besides that I am offering:
  • A large numbers of standardmaterial who suite many other dresses in Sweden.
  • I can offer silk, linen and cotton yarn with exclusive rights for Sweden, who is used in embrodery. For more information check the menu "Offering of yarn".
  • Rekvistiontailoring containing complete dresses or part of dresses.
  • Weavematerial as well as looms, fittings and weaving yarn.
  • Lacemaking, fittings as well as yarn.
  • Fixed prices including tailoring and material.
  • Konsultation and information about dresses and questions about traditions and wearings, information about all kind of weaving, tailoring, embrodery and lacemaking.

Personal history:

When I taken over Alvsborgsslojd in Trollhättan, I mostly handle the folkloredressen in north of Alvsborg. That included documentation, patterning, descriptions, manufacturing and reconstruction of the fabrics to the folkloredresses. I also teach in class. Copies was made that now is available for public in Kulturlagret in Vanersborg.

Norra Slojdföreningen, ex consultant in domestic art Kerstin Isaksson and ex antiquarian Kristina Rosell were my partners. When the job was done I was offered by Borgs Vavgarner to take over responsibillity for Klippans Broderigarnsforsaljning. It felt like a good continuation and challenge, and even important cultural mission. I have qualifications and educations and long experience of textile management so I accepted the offer. This was 2011-12. As my husband had passed away a few years earlier, I choose to move back to my childhood region where my loved ones live. Nowadays I live in Tibro, a city with many craft companies.

I am here for you who wish a personal and competent great help in all this matter, what so ever.
Warm regards  
Inger Carlsson